Want to make your own table centre? Then this is perfect for you!

    We have developed this product with our flower school, Berkshire Flower School. You recieve everything you need in your box to create your own wonderful Christmas door wreath and be sent the link to our instructional video on how to create your wreath.

    Available is several different sizes and several different colour ways, our premium option comes with a single candle, perfect for a small table, deluxe with 2 candles, perfect for a medium to large table, and luxury with 3 candles, perfect for a large long table or mantle piece.

    Select your delivery date for your parcel and the video will be emailed on the same day

    Local delivery included: Delivery dates from 26th November to 16th December



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    £55.00 Premium
    £75.00 Deluxe
    £95.00 Luxury
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